Need Grammarly for Design

Actionable insights to improve design

“Once you can name something, you’re conscious of it. You have power over it. You’re in control. You own it.”
Robin Williams

I am a technical co-founder at a startup. But then, I also spend a lot of time writing and designing - emails, content marketing, decks, updates to clients, dashboards, product feedback, product features - and the list goes on. These are non-traditional tasks for me; tasks that I hadn’t done much in my corporate career and I don’t have academic training in them. Writing code is one thing - but communicating, especially visually, is something I am still coming to grips with. A startup’s biggest strength is agility. Its ability to change directions swiftly and innovate to meet customers’ demands is a regular phenomenon. But a startup also has limited resources, especially in terms of access to talent and money. Good and experienced designers are almost always out of reach. It means I have to also double up as a designer. So, here I am: I don’t know what I don’t know in design!

For written/textual content, there are wonderful tools like Grammarly and Hemmingway, that provides actionable insights to improve the article. One gets both a) “why” there is a problem in a specific sentence (eg: grammar is not right; too many adverbs in the article, etc) and b) fix the issue with a click of a button(in most cases).

Here’s a screenshot from Hemmingway for the initial draft of this article.


But what about visual design? How could I get actionable critique and insights to improve it? My dashboards? Slide deck? What about my product design itself?

We need a Grammarly, but for design. Who’s building it?