My thoughts and learnings

Brewed over time

Word Count of SaaS sites

Writing sales copy on a SaaS website takes time. Could we get some insights from other SaaS sites? I am happy to mentor if someone is interested in building a weekend project on this.

Startup lessons from Pinboard

Pinboard just completed 10 years. I've been using the service for bookmarking for the past 10 years. I write about the lessons I learned from Pinboard.

Need Grammarly for Design

While I appreciate good design, I don't know how to improve upon a bad design to make it good. Time to have a Grammarly for design.

Disrupting Enterprise Search

Why is it that company websites and apps don't have the same search experience as Google? What can we learn from the evolution of search to influence better search experience in Enterprises.

How to Crush it on Twitter

Why and how to build an audience on twitter? David Perell and Matthew Kobach did a livestream on 'How to Crush it on Twitter'. Learn how to be a lighthouse for like-minded people.